Cooperate. Collaborate. Innovate. Unlocking Our Potential, Ensuring Africa’s Prosperity.

Insecurity, record high inflation, unemployment, social inequities, a climate crisis, and a global pandemic; Africa and the world more broadly are at a turning point. Our collective action in this moment is critical to ensuring Africa’s next chapter is a prosperous one.

Our challenges of today present an opportunity for us to collectively chart an ambitious path forward that ensures a sustainable future for Africa and all its citizens. AFRICANXT 2023 seeks to serve as point of convergence and catalyst for cooperation and solution focused dialogue. Programming will be curated to facilitate ideation and collaboration towards new approaches to addressing some of the continents most pressing issues.

Our ability to cooperate and collaborate across industries and borders will determine the impact of the innovations we put forward and their capacity to scale, ultimately transforming communities, companies, and countries throughout Africa and globally.