Yes! #AFRICANXT provides overhead projection and stereo sound equipment in all conference stage areas – with the exception of the NXTWorkshop, LitLab, Podcast Stage and OFFLINE. The NXTWorkshop, LitLab, Podcast Stage will include a Smart TV. OFFLINE will not have A/V. You must discuss your A/V needs and requirements with your SM. Presentation slides, digital signage, logos, links, and other A/V content should be submitted to your SM in advance. It is important that you submit your content in advance so that:

  • Technicians responsible for A/V equipment are informed
  • Extension cords, extra mics, and other equipment as required is on-hand
  • The room can be sufficiently dimmed for films or slides
  • Someone who is familiar with your content is standing by, ready to run it on cue

Live-streaming: Many #AFRICANXT Session will be streamed. We can not guarantee your session will be shortlisted for live-streaming. Sessions host are prohibited from streaming or recording their session.